How to Make Christmas Santa Claus Gift Wrap – Step by Step Tutorial

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Are you looking for a fun and creative way to wrap your Christmas gifts? With just a few materials you can turn your present into Santa Claus!

It’s super easy and your Santa will definitely steal the show under the tree this year. Great for both kids and adults.

All you need is red and white paper, glue, googly eyes, and some cotton balls to make your own Santa Claus gift wrap!

Read on for the complete step-by-step tutorial with pictures.

Image of Christmas present wrapped as Santa Claus. Text on top: DIY Christmas Santa gift wrap. All you need to make Santa: Gift wrap, cotton balls, glue and googly eyes.

Gift Wrapping Tips

Let’s begin with a few helpful gift-wrapping tips.

  • Get a quick refresher on how-to perfectly wrap a gift. And while you’re at it, visit the complete list of all the gift wrapping tips (more than 60!). Come back here when you’re done to make your Santa gift wrap.

  • We’ll be glueing cotton balls onto paper to make Santas beard and hat trim. I like to use tacky glue since it works well with so many different materials and dries transparent. However, you can use any regular craft glue that you have on hand.

  • To make your gift wrap look neat and crisp, go around and pinch all sides with your fingertips for sharp, clean creases.
Image of two Christmas presents wrapped as Santa Claus. Bottle brush trees and decorations in the background. Text on top: DIY Santa Claus Christmas gift wrap. Easy step-by-step tutorial.
Step 7 How to wrap a Santa gift box. Attach paper arms.

How to Wrap your Gift like Santa Claus

Yield: 1 Santa Wrapped Gift
Active Time: 15 minutes
Total Time: 15 minutes
Difficulty: Easy
Estimated Cost: Low

Fun and creative way to wrap your Christmas gift: DIY Santa Claus Gift wrap. Super easy and just a few materials needed.

Turn your present into Santa! Perfect to put under the tree.



  • Scissors


    1. Wrap your gift length-wise with red wrapping paper.

      Extend the paper about an inch on the bottom. At the top, let the paper extend about half of the length of your package.

      Secure on the back with sticky tape.

      Step 1 How to wrap a Santa gift box. Wrap box extending paper at the top.
    2. Fold and wrap the bottom how you would normally wrap your gift.

      Fold the sides of the top in to create two points. Use a folded piece of sticky tape in the middle to attach the front and back tips to each other.

      Step 2 How to wrap a Santa gift box. Fold top in two points.
    3. Glue a cotton ball to make the tip of Santa's hat.

      Step 3 How to wrap a Santa gift box. Glue cotton ball to tip of hat.
    4. Cut a strip of white paper about the size of half the package (not counting the hat).

      Wrap around the top half of the package, below the hat. Secure with tape on the back.

    5. Gently unroll/pull apart a couple of cotton balls and glue them on as Santa's beard and trim of the hat.

      Step 5 How to wrap a Santa gift box. Unroll/pull apart cotton balls and glue on as beard and hat trim.
    6. Glue on googly eyes.

      Cut a small red paper triangle as the nose. Glue on in between the eyes.

      Step 6 How to wrap a Santa gift box. Glue on googly eyes and red nose.
    7. Cut two same size rectangles out of red paper to make the arms. Fold in half lengthwise and tape one on each side.

      Step 7 How to wrap a Santa gift box. Attach paper arms.

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