Christmas DIY How to Make a Pringles Can Nutcracker Craft



These DIY Christmas nutcrackers, or toy soldiers if you will, are a fun and creative way to craft with pringles cans or cardboard tubes. You can turn cylinder-shaped gifts like candles or tall cookie tins into nutcrackers and make your gift wrapping extra special.

You can also hide a small gift inside an empty Pringles can and wrap that. Or make a whole troop of nutcrackers as part of your handmade holiday decor!

Read on for the complete step-by-step tutorial on how to make your Christmas nutcracker gift wrap. It’s easy to do and all you need is three different papers, ribbons, a marker, some double-sided tape, and a pair of scissors.

Two cylinder-shaped Christmas gifts wrapped as cute nutcrackers. Text on image: Christmas nutcracker DIY gift wrap, easy step by step tutorial.

DIY Nutcracker Tips

Before we start, here are a few handy craft tips.

  • Before you start wrap your pringles can, cylinder gift, or cardboard tube in brown kraft paper, and collect all your materials. That way you won’t waste time searching for anything when you are in the middle of making your nutcracker.

  • If your cut edges end up looking a bit jagged, fold them over and under for a straight, smooth seam and a cleaner look.

  • You can fix a wrinkled ribbon, by taking it through a slightly warm curling iron. Do test on a little piece first.

If you like more wrapping tips and tricks, visit the complete list of all the gift wrapping tips (more than 60!). It includes tips on how to wrap large or odd-shaped gifts, how much paper you need, how to gift wrap without wrapping paper, tape, or ribbon. Holiday gift wrapping made easy!

Wrap your can with brown kraft paper as described in this article: How to wrap cylinder-shaped presents. Return to this post when you’re ready to make the nutcracker. Step by step can be found below.

How to wrap a cylinder shaped gift as a Chirstmas nutcracker step 6: Draw buttons on bottom part.

How to Make a Nutcracker

Yield: 1 DIY nutcracker
Active Time: 15 minutes
Total Time: 15 minutes
Difficulty: Easy
Estimated Cost: Low

This nutcracker, or toy soldier, can be used as a creative way to wrap cylinder-shaped gifts, or just as a fun Christmas craft project. Pringles cans are the perfect base to start with, but any round gift or cardboard tube can be used.

Simply follow this step-by-step tutorial.


  • Pringles can, cardboard tube or cylinder shaped gift
  • Brown kraft paper
  • Black and red wrapping or construction paper
  • Double-sided sticky tape
  • Ribbon


  • Pencil (optional)
  • Black marker
  • Scissors


  1. Have your can or cylinder gift ready and wrapped in brown kraft paper. If you need it, there is help on how to wrap a cylinder-shaped gift here.

    Cut a piece of black paper to the size of 1/3rd of the tube going all around. Cut a similar-sized piece of red paper for the bottom part.

  2. Take the black piece of paper and wrap it around the top of the cylinder. Secure with sticky tape.

    The same for the red paper but attach this to the bottom part of the cylinder.

    How to wrap a cylinder shaped gift as a Chirstmas nutcracker step 2: Attach black paper to the top and red to the bottom.
  3. Cut a black paper circle the size of the top of your package. Attach with double-sided sticky tape to the top..

    How to wrap a cylinder shaped gift as a Chirstmas nutcracker step 3: Attach black circle to top of package.
  4. Cut two pieces of ribbon long enough to go around the nutcracker. Add some double-sided sticky tape to the ends of the ribbon.

    Place one piece on the border where the red paper meets the kraft paper. Position the other ribbon on the hat part.

    How to wrap a cylinder shaped gift as a Chirstmas nutcracker step 4: Add ribbons.
  5. Use your black marker to draw the face on the kraft paper in the middle part. (Sketch in pencil first if you want).

    Start with a triangle nose and two circle eyes next to it. Center a mustache underneath the nose and finish with the rectangle teeth.

    How to wrap a cylinder shaped gift as a Chirstmas nutcracker step 5: Draw the face.
  6. Use your marker to draw six “button” dots on the bottom paper. Draw lines in between the dots as shown.

    How to wrap a cylinder shaped gift as a Chirstmas nutcracker step 6: Draw buttons on bottom part.

Looking for more unique and creative gift-wrapping ideas? How about a cute honeycomb snowman gift wrap? Or if you have some felt and scrap pieces of ribbon, you can make a pretty felt and ribbon ornament gift wrap. Just follow the easy steps described. Brown paper bags are great for small items. Use a white marker to turn them into special gingerbread house gift bags!

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