How to Gift Wrap Round Cylinder Presents the Pleated Way

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Odd-shaped gifts can be a bit of a challenge when it comes to wrapping them. Tube and cylinder-shaped gifts in particular can be tricky to wrap neatly.

Sure, there are simple steps to wrapping a square or rectangle-shaped gift. But what about those hard-to-wrap round presents? Circular things with flat ends like cookie tins, cosmetic containers, yoga mats, or candles can be harder to wrap in a neat way.

Read on and I’ll share my easy-to-follow technique to wrap all those cylinder gifts.

Pretty wrapped Christmas presents with pastel green cylinder gift wrap in the center decorated with ribbon and embellished candy cane. Text on image: easy step by step cylindrical gift wrap.

Cylinder Gift Wrap Tips

Let’s begin with a few handy gift wrapping tips to get started.

  • It is important that you have the right amount of wrapping paper. Both ends should have enough to pleat the paper all the way around. But don’t use too much paper. It makes it harder to wrap and excess paper makes your pleats look bulky and messy.

  • The best wrapping paper is thin but tough. Thicker, stiff papers are harder to fold and not very forgiving. Avoid cheap thin papers and foils because these rip easily which makes pleating very frustrating.

  • To make your gift wrap look neat and crisp, go around and pinch all sides with your fingertips for sharp, clean creases.

  • If your side pleats don’t look super neat, there’s a quick trick. If it’s just one side, you can put a big ribbon on top. If it’s both sides, just cover it with circle cut-outs of wrapping paper to hide any messy folds.

For more wrapping tips, visit the complete list of all the gift wrapping tips you will ever need. More than 60 (!) all in one place!

It includes tips on how to wrap large or odd shape gifts, how much paper you need, how to gift wrap without wrapping paper, tape, or ribbon. Holiday gift wrapping has never been so simple!

Group of round cylinder shaped presents with decorated gift wrap, Text on image:

Cylinder Gift Wrapping Ideas

I’m going to show you how to wrap your cylinder-shaped present with pretty pleated sides. If you don’t want to skip the pleating, you can try an even easier variation.

There’s a quick way to wrap your cylinder so that it looks like an old-time party favor, or bonbon candy if you will.

Roll the tube in wrapping paper that’s wide enough for the ends to be gathered together. Crepe paper or tissue paper is great for this. Tie both sides with ribbon, and fringe the ends with scissors. Too easy.

If you do like the pleated wrapping technique, but want to zhoosh up the look a bit, wrap around a variety of ribbons, stickers, or washi tape. Instant wow effect.

If you have a bit more time and feeling crafty, wrap your cylinder-shaped gift in a more creative way. With a few different kinds of wrapping paper, a marker, and some ribbon you can make your own nutcracker gift wrap! (click for complete step-by-step wrapping tutorial).

How to Wrap Cylindrical shaped Gifts

How to Wrap Cylindrical shaped Gifts

Yield: 1 Wrapped round gift
Active Time: 10 minutes
Total Time: 10 minutes
Difficulty: Easy
Estimated Cost: Low

Round cylinder shaped gifts like cookie tins, cosmetic containers, or candles can be tricky to wrap. Follow these steps for a pretty pleated package.


  • cylinder shaped gift
  • wrapping paper
  • embellishments (optional)


  • pen or pencil
  • sharp scissors
  • ruler


  1. Gather all your materials. You will need your cylinder-shaped gift, wrapping paper, scissors, and double-sided tape. Embellishments to decorate your wrapped gift are fun, but optional.
    Step 1: How to Gift Wrap Round Cylinder Presents the Pleated Way. Gather your materials.
  2. Lay the paper right side down on the table. Place your cylinder gift on the edge of the paper.

    Bring the paper up to cover one end, allowing about an inch of overlap. Mark cutting edge at the other end, as shown.
    Step 2: How to Gift Wrap Round Cylinder Presents the Pleated Way. Measure wrapping paper.
  3. Now roll the paper around the circumference of the tube, and mark where the edge of the paper touches the wrapping, allowing an inch overlap, as pictured.

    Step 3: How to Gift Wrap Round Cylinder Presents the Pleated Way. Mark wrapping paper to size.
  4. Remove your gift from the paper for now. Use a ruler to mark the cutting lines, using the measured marks as a guide. Cut your paper on ruled lines.

    Step 4: How to Gift Wrap Round Cylinder Presents the Pleated Way. Cut wrapping paper to size.
  5. Apply a strip of double-sided tape on the long end of the paper. Place your gift in the center of the paper. Roll the paper tightly around, bring the taped edge up and attach firmly.

    Step 5: How to Gift Wrap Round Cylinder Presents the Pleated Way. Wrap paper around gift.
  6. To pleat the sides, take the edge of the paper and pull it taught toward the center, aim just towards the left of the center point.

    Hold this with your thumb and use your other hand to fold the next pleat. Move to the left, and again pull the paper and fold down towards the left of the center point.

    Step 6: How to Gift Wrap Round Cylinder Presents the Pleated Way. Pleat first side.
  7. Continue folding and create pleats all around. Crease each pleat firmly into place as you work.

    Step 7: How to Gift Wrap Round Cylinder Presents the Pleated Way. Continue pleating all around.
  8. To finish the pleats, seal the final fold with double-sided tape, or slip the edge of paper neatly in under the first tuck.

    Step 8: How to Gift Wrap Round Cylinder Presents the Pleated Way. Finish pleats.
  9. Turn the package around and pleat the other side counterclockwise. Look for the center point and fold the pleats just towards the right of the center point.

    Step 9: How to Gift Wrap Round Cylinder Presents the Pleated Way. Pleat wrapping paper on other side.
  10. Finish the look by adding embellishments. Have fun with things like bows, ribbons, and stickers.

    Step 10: How to Gift Wrap Round Cylinder Presents the Pleated Way. Add ribbon and other embellishments to finish.
Photo of pink cylinder shaped candle to be wrapped with gift wrapping supplies around it. Photo on the bottom of pretty wrapped round Christmas gifts. Text on image: How to wrap cylinder shaped gifts.

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