How to Make Easy DIY Yarn Tassels in 5 Minutes!



Yarn tassels are super easy and quick to make! With just some yarn and a piece of cardboard, you can make a yarn tassel in five minutes!

You can make your tassels with knitting yarn, crochet thread, or embroidery floss. Start with a basic tassel and move on to some of the fun and simple decorative tassel variations shown below.

I have made many tassels throughout the years and I’ll share all my tassel tips and tricks to get you started.

Love Tassels? How about making some fluffy DIY pom poms to go with your tassels? A classic combination!

Handmade pink yarn tassels and gold stork bird scissors. Text on image: How to make DIY easy yarn tassels.

How to make a basic yarn tassel

You can use a special tassel maker, but you don’t need to. If you have a piece of cardboard, you can easily make your own tassel template!

Enjoy this DIY tassel step-by-step tutorial. Leave a comment down below if you have any questions or to tell me about the tassels you made!

Scroll down for extra tips and tassel variations!

Two handmade pink yarn tassels.

How to Make Yarn Tassels

Yield: 1 tassel
Active Time: 5 minutes
Total Time: 5 minutes
Difficulty: Easy
Estimated Cost: Low


  • yarn


  • small piece of cardboard
  • sharp scissors
  • yarn needle or crochet hook


  1. Cut a piece of cardboard about 3.5″ x 4.5″. See the tips section below on how to size your cardboard.

    Step 1 Making DIY yarn tassels. Cut cardboard.
  2. Wind your yarn around the 3.5″ length. The exact amount of yarn you need will depend on the size and thickness that you want to end up with. (I wrapped around 15 times for this tassel.)

    Step 2 Making DIY yarn tassels. Pink yarn being wrapped around cardboard template.
  3. After your last wrap, cut off your yarn at the bottom of the cardboard,

    Step 3 Making DIY yarn tassels. Pink yarn being cut on bottom of template.
  4. Place a 10" piece of yarn under the top edge of the wrapped yarn and tie a knot.

    Step 4 Making DIY yarn tassels. String of pink yarn through top loops.
  5. Carefully cut the loops at the bottom and remove the cardboard. Tighten your knot.

    Step 5 Making DIY yarn tassels. Bottom loops being cut.
  6. Wind another strand of yarn tightly around the tassel, about 3/4 inch below the top. Wrap the yarn around about 4-6 times and tie a knot.

    Step 7 Making DIY yarn tassels. Pink yarn wrapped around top of tassel to form head.
  7. Pull the ends of the wrap-around yarn into the tassel with a crochet hook or needle so that the ends become part of the tassel.

    Step 7 Making DIY yarn tassels. Strings being pulled in with crochet thread.
  8. Trim the ends.

    Step 8 Making DIY yarn tassels. Cut fringe ends.
  9. Using the string at the top of the tassel, attach it to whatever you have created it for!

    Two handmade pink yarn tassels.

Tassel making Tips

  • The amount of yarn needed to make a tassel depends on how long and thick you want your tassel to be.
  • You can adjust the length and thickness of your tassel by changing the size of the cardboard template and how many times you wind your yarn around.
  • Cut a piece of cardboard about an inch taller than the height that you would like your finished tassel to be.
  • If you want to make a small tassel, use a smaller template and wrap your yarn around fewer times. Thinner yarn like crochet or embroidery thread works well for small tassels.
  • Use sharp scissors. Trust me, it makes a world of difference and will speed things up quite a bit.

Handmade tassels are great to add that finishing touch to your knitting, macrame, or crochet projects.

You can incorporate tassels in so many crafts. Use them to embellish hats, purses, and blankets. They are also fun to add to bookmarks or decorate your scarf with a tassel or two.

Collection of different types of pink yarn tassels. Text on image: How to make your own yarn tassels.

DIY Yarn Tassel Variations

Want to fancy it up a little? Try one of these other easy types of yarn tassels.

Split Double Tassel

Handmade pink split double tassel and gold colored stork bird scissors.

This is a super easy tassel variation. Start by making a regular tassel.

Separate the tassel fringe in half. Wind and tie yarn near the bottom around the two separate halves. Trim each end.

Bead Tassel

Adding beads in the head of your tassel gives it a perfectly full and round top.

Make these with one or multiple beads along the tassel fringe.

When following the basic tassel steps, insert a wood bead under the tied portion at the top. Bring the yarn around the bead to cover it. Wind and tightly tie a piece of yarn below the bead to hold it in place.

Step by step images making pink beaded tassels.

Braided Tassel

Another fun variation is this braided yarn tassel. Again, start with making a regular tassel. Make the fringe a bit longer. Separate the fringe in three equal parts and braid it. Wind a piece of yarn around the tassel on the bottom and tie a knot.

Handmade pink braided tassel and gold colored stork bird scissors.

If you enjoyed this project, you might also like my other yarn crafts. Fun and easy tutorials on how to make braided yarn dolls, pom poms, yarn wrapped wreaths, or learn how to make a woven yarn wall hanging from start to finish!

Collage of images making pink yarn tassel. Text on image: Step by step how to make yarn tassels.

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