How to make Valentine DIY Sequin Styrofoam Hearts

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Looking for an easy and cute handmade gift to say ‘I Love You‘? To show how much you care about that special person on Valentine’s day? Try making these DIY sparkly sequin hearts on a stick!

Make a few and put them together in a small vase as a Valentine’s day gift. Or make just one and give it like you would a single rose.

These are also great as Valentines decorations. And they could even work as a Mothers day or anniversary gift!

The materials are inexpensive and the technique is easy. Scroll down, I’ll show you how. Let’s craft!

Three handmade pink sequin hearts on skewers. Loose pastel sequins scattered on background. Text on image: How to make diy sparkly sequin valentines hearts.

Sequin crafts are so sparkly and way less messy than when you would use glitter to create all that sparkle effect.

This is a good craft for adults, great to do while listening to your favorite podcast. At the same time, it’s easy enough to do with patient kids as soon as you trust them handling the sharp pins. My six-year-old kid loves making these. He just does them in multiple sessions.

Let your kid pick the colors to work with. Solid or randomly placed multi-colored hearts are generally easier for kids to do than to immediately start out with an ombre effect.

Finished ombre sequin valentines heart with red ribbon bow. Work in progress on background. Text on photo:

What you need to make sequin hearts

  1. Styrofoam hearts. For these hearts, I have used 2.5″ hearts. You can go larger if you like, it will just take more time to finish.
  2. Sequins. One color can be enough if you are happy with a solid colored heart. To make an ombre heart, choose three similar color shades, light to dark.
  3. Sequin pins. These are short craft pins, usually about 1/2″. They have a shaft thin enough for small seed beads and are short so they don’t obstruct each other inside the styrofoam.
  4. Regular craft or tacky glue. To secure the pins.
  5. Wooden skewer. To hold the hearts in place. You can add color with a marker or paint if you like, or use it as is.
  6. Piece of ribbon. Add a little ribbon bow as a finishing touch!
  7. Small containers or jar lids are optional but great to have around to hold all the different sequins and pins.

Sequins have a u-shaped side and an n-shaped side. Which side of the sequin goes up or down depends on your personal preference. Choose one and add all sequins in the same way.

Two handmade pink sequin hearts.

Valentine Craft Sequin Hearts DIY

Yield: 1 sparkly heart

These sparkly sequin hearts are perfect for giving to a friend or any other loved one on Valentines Day. Inexpensive and easy to make. Just perfect!


  • Small containers or jar lids
  • Marker


  1. Use a marker to draw two horizontal lines, dividing the styrofoam heart into three parts. These lines won’t show on the finished project, it will all be covered by the sequins.

    Making DIY sequin hearts step 1, drawing lines on styrofoam heart.
  2. Separate the sequins into small containers or jar lids. If you have done diamond painting, those sorting trays are useful for sequins as well! Pour a little bit of glue onto a jar lid.

    DIY supplies to make sequin styrofoam hearts. Green trays with sequins, pins and glue. Two finished pink sequin hearts.
  3. Put a sequin on the pin. Make sure it’s facing the way you want all your sequins to end up on your heart. Rounded side up or down.

    Dip the pin end into the glue and pin it into the top of your foam heart.

    Making DIY sequin hearts. Pinning the first sequin on top of styrofoam heart.
  4. Pin the next sequin next to the first overlapping slightly. This way the white foam doesn’t show through.

    Continue adding sequins going around and following the shape of the heart.

    Making DIY sequin hearts. Pinning the first rows of sequin on top of styrofoam heart.
  5. Fill in the top part of the heart with your first shade of sequins.

    Sprinkle in a few sequins from the next shade when you get closer to the first marked line.

    Making DIY ombre sequin hearts. Pinning red sequins on top part of styrofoam heart.
  6. Continue adding sequins of your second shade in the middle part.

    Make the transition more gradual by randomly mixing in a few sequins of the other shades.

    Making DIY ombre sequin hearts. Pinning pink and red sequins on styrofoam heart.
  7. Transfer to the last shade when you get to the second marker line.

    Work your way around until the entire heart is filled.

    Making DIY ombre sequin hearts. Red, dark and light pink sequins pinned on styrofoam heart.
  8. Use a (pink) marker and color the wooden skewer. Let dry.

    Making DIY ombre sequin hearts. Color skewer with pink marker.
  9. Gently push the tip of the skewer in between the sequins on the bottom.

    Making DIY ombre sequin hearts. Finished heart put on pink skewer.
  10. As a finishing touch, cut a short length of ribbon or string and tie a little bow on the skewer.

    Finished DIY ombre sequin hearts on pink sticks with red ribbon bow..


The cleft of the heart can make it a little tricky to get the sequins to lay nice and neat. Just go slow and follow the shape.

As long as the glue hasn’t dried completely, you can pull out a pin if the sequin doesn’t lay as you want it to.

Add a piece of bend wire on top and turn your sparkly heart into a hanging sequin heart Valentine’s ornament!

Collage of step by step photos of how to make sequin valentines hearts. Text on image: How to DIY ombre sequin hearts.

Two images of finished handmade sequined hearts. Top shows two finished hearts on skewers with sequin trays. Bottom image shows a childs hand holding a heart. Text overlay: How to make sparkly diy valentines hearts.

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