How to Wrap a Gift Perfectly – Easy Step by Step Wrapping Instructions

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When you have found the perfect gift, it is time to think about the perfect gift wrap. Everybody likes to receive a pretty wrapped present. And let me tell you, with just a few pointers, it is easy to wrap amazing-looking gifts.

Read on and find out how to make your presents look just as good as the gift itself with this step-by-step guide how to wrap your gifts.

You can use these simple steps for all your gift wrapping for any occasion, whether it’s Christmas or a birthday.

Group of pretty wrapped Christmas gifts. Text on image: Gift wrap 101. Step by step to perfectly wrapped presents.

Quick Gift Wrapping Tips

Before we start, here are a few basic gift wrapping tips to make it all so much easier.

  • Wrapping paper with busy patterns is more forgiving than plain paper and can hide some possible messy wrapping when you’re last-minute wrapping and running out of time.

  • Don’t use too much wrapping paper. It makes it harder to wrap and all that excess paper makes your gift look bulky and messy.

  • And don’t use too much tape, again, messy. And it will make it harder for the recipient to reuse or recycle the paper if they would want to.

  • Instead, use double-sided tape on the inside of the paper. It makes your wrapping look polished and professional! Stock up on tape before you start, so you don’t run out halfway.

  • If the cut edge of the wrapping paper isn’t straight, fold it under for a smooth seam and a cleaner look.

  • Pinch the paper on all sides of the box with your fingertips for sharp, crisp creases.

If you like more wrapping tips, visit the complete list of all the gift wrapping tips and tricks (60+ tips all in one place!).

There are tips on the best gift wrapping supplies, and how to wrap when you don’t have enough wrapping paper. What to do with those hard-to-wrap packages and creative ideas on how to decorate your presents with trimmings and bows.

Two groupshots of creative wrapped Christmas gifts. Text on image: Easy step by step gift wrapping.

How to wrap a square or rectangular box

This gift wrap tutorial shows you how to perfectly wrap a square or rectangular box. Let’s go!

Have a round, cylinder-shaped gift to wrap? Check out this easy step-by-step tutorial on how to wrap a cylinder gift. It’s not that hard! 😉

Want your own pretty gold-colored wrapping paper? You can find a great selection of gold gift wrap on Amazon or Etsy!

Collage of gift wrapping tutorial steps. Test on image: How to wrap a gift. Easy step by step instructions.
DIY Gift wrapped in gold wrapping paper with red ribbon and honeycomb ball on front and ribbon bow with miniature mushroom on top.

How to Wrap a Gift - Step by Step!

Yield: 1 wrapped present
Active Time: 5 minutes
Total Time: 5 minutes
Difficulty: Easy
Estimated Cost: Low

Even if you are in a hurry, you can neatly wrap a present with these clear and easy steps how to perfectly wrap your gifts every time.



  • Sharp Scissors
  • Pencil
  • Ruler


  1. Clear your workspace and gather all your materials. Your present to wrap (hey why not wrap some multi-colored Christmas lights?), the wrapping paper, scissors, tape, and ribbons and trim if you like.

    Step 1 How to wrap a gift. Photo of all gift wrapping supplies needed.
  2. To determine the amount of paper needed, lay the paper face down on a table.

    Place the gift on the paper near one edge of the paper. Fold one side of the paper up to cover one end of the box, allowing about an inch of overlap.

    Mark the cutting edge at the other end of the box, as shown.

    Step 2 How to wrap a gift. Place gift on paper and mark of width needed.
  3. Now bring the paper up and around the gift, covering the entire top, bottom, and side surfaces of the box.

    Mark a cutting line about an inch beyond the edge of the paper.

    Step 3. How to wrap a gift. Fold paper over and mark needed length of paper.
  4. With a ruler to draw the full cutting lines for width and length of paper, using the measured marks as a guide.

    Cut the paper following the cutting lines.

    Now you have a piece of wrapping paper the will perfectly fit your gift.

    Step 4 How to wrap a gift. Cut paper on marked lines.
  5. Next, center the package on the paper.

    Pull the paper around the gift, tight and evenly. Crease along the folds.

    Apply a strip of double-sided sticky tape to the wrong side of the paper on the front edge.

    Bring the taped edge of the paper up over the box and attach.

    Step 5 How to wrap a gift. Wrap and tape length of paper.
  6. Now on to the sides of the gift wrap.

    First, fold down the top flap of the paper.
    Crease along the top edge of the box.

    Step 6. How to wrap a gift. Fold down top paper on first side.
  7. Fold in the sides of the paper, creating 45-degree-angle flaps. Crease along the folds of these flaps.

    Step 7. How to wrap a gift. Fold in sides.
  8. Crease all folds and bring the bottom up to cover top and side flaps.

    Apply double-sided tape to the bottom flap, then fold it over the top flap and attach.

    Step 8 How to wrap a gift. Bring the bottom up.
  9. Stand the box up and repeat folding steps six through eight on the box’s other end.

    Step 9. How to wrap a gift. Set package up straight and fold the other side.
  10. To complete your gift wrap, make a quick layered bow, and or add finishing touches like ribbon, gift tags and other embellishments to your wrapped gift.

    DIY Gift wrapped in gold wrapping paper with red ribbon and honeycomb ball on front and ribbon bow with miniature mushroom on top.

Looking for more unique and creative gift wrapping ideas? How about a DIY paper nutcracker gift wrap? Perfect if you need to wrap a cylinder-shaped present. Or a DIY honeycomb snowman gift wrap. Just follow the easy steps described. If you’re looking for an elegant gift wrap idea, check out the pretty felt and ribbon ornament gift wrap tutorial. Brown paper bags are great for small presents like gift cards. Use a white marker and turn it into a cute gingerbread house gift bag!

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