Creative Gift Wrapping Idea: Paper Christmas Ornaments – Step by Step Tutorial

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Make your Christmas gifts look extra special this year with these paper gift wrap ornaments.

All you need is the wrapping paper you use to wrap your gift and some scraps of other colors of paper. A few star-shaped stickers would be fun, but totally optional.

If you can cut and glue paper, you can make this creative gift wrap. It’s that easy. Simply follow the step-by-step instructions below.

Read on to learn how to make these fun and easy paper Christmas ornaments to decorate your holiday gift wrapping!

Pretty wrapped Christmas present. Pink and green striped gift wrap decorated with handmade paper holiday ornaments. Ribbon bow on top and vintage miniature deer around it. Text on image: Paper ornament Christmas gift wrap easy step by step tutorial.

A few Gift Wrapping Tips

Let’s start with a few helpful gift-wrapping tips.

  • Have no wrapping paper? Look around your house, there are many substitutes to use. You can wrap Christmas presents in brown kraft paper, white butcher paper, or shelf paper.

    Use old sewing pattern papers, wallpaper, sheet music, foreign maps, or newspapers.

  • Use gift wrapping scissors and use these only for cutting your wrapping paper and ribbon to keep them sharp and clean.

  • Always save your leftover paper scraps, they come in handy in gift wrapping ideas like this one.

If you need a gift wrap refresher, click through to learn how to wrap a gift perfectly. While you’re at it, check out the ultimate list of gift wrapping tips (60+ tips in one place!).

When you’re done, come back here to make the Christmas ornaments.

Paper ornament variation idea: Use the ornament template on cardstock or construction paper and turn them into ornament gift tags, or add them to the front of a Christmas postcard. Handmade season’s greetings!

Step by step work in progress images of gift wrapped in striped red and green wrapping paper, being decorated with paper Christmas ornaments. Text on image: DIY paper ornament Christmas gift wrap.
Creative Gift Wrapping Idea. Step 7 Paper Christmas Ornaments. Glue decorations on ornaments.

Creative Gift Wrapping: DIY Paper Christmas ornaments

Yield: 1 wrapped gift with paper Christmas ornaments
Active Time: 15 minutes
Total Time: 15 minutes
Difficulty: Easy
Estimated Cost: Low

Spend a little extra time on your gift wrap this year.

Follow the step-by-step instructions to make your own creative DIY paper ornament gift wrap.



  • Scissors


  1. Cut three strips of paper.

    First, cut a long strip from one of your papers. Make it long enough to go around the top, at least covering the front part. Make the strip wide enough to allow for a narrower strip on top, as shown.

    Exact measurements depend on the size of the wrapped gift. Eyeball it and check the proportions of your strips while you go.

    Using another wrapping paper, cut a second strip. This one can be a little shorter than the first one. It should be cut narrow enough to fit on top of the first strip.

    Cut a third and final strip similar to the second one, just a bit shorter.

    Creative Gift Wrapping Idea. Step 1 Paper Christmas Ornaments. Cut three paper strips.
  2. Set your box sideways so the longest side is left to right.

    Take your first strip and glue it horizontally just below the top.
    Creative Gift Wrapping Idea. Step 2 Paper Christmas Ornaments. Glue on first strip of paper.
  3. Attach the second paper strip from right to left, up to about two-thirds of the way, leaving some paper unglued on the left side.

    Flip this remaining piece around to make a small 3-D loop, then glue the part going down to the package as shown. Cut to size if needed.

    Creative Gift Wrapping Idea. Step 3 Paper Christmas Ornaments. Glue and loop second strip of paper.
  4. Cut an ornament template that fits the proportions of your box first. Simply cut a circle with a small rectangle on top.

    Again, exact measurements depend on how small or large your package is.

    Use the paper template to cut two ornaments from your wrapping papers.

    Creative Gift Wrapping Idea. Step 4 Paper Christmas Ornaments. Cut two paper ornaments.
  5. Position the first paper ornament where the looped strip ends, and glue in place.
    Creative Gift Wrapping Idea. Step 5 Paper Christmas Ornaments. Glue on first ornament.
  6. Position the last strip of paper a bit lower to the right on the package. Glue it on in the same looped way.

    Glue on the second ornament, slightly overlapping the first.

    Creative Gift Wrapping Idea. Step 6 Paper Christmas Ornaments. Glue on last strip of paper and second paper ornament.
  7. Decorate the ornaments with one or two short strips of contrasting paper. Add star stickers if you like.
    Creative Gift Wrapping Idea. Step 7 Paper Christmas Ornaments. Glue decorations on ornaments.

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Group of Christmas gifts with creative gift wrapping of handmade paper cut holiday ornaments. Text on image: DIY paper ornament gift wrapping step by step tutorial.

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