DIY Puzzle Piece Christmas Photo Wreath – Step by Step Tutorial



Today we’re making DIY Christmas wreath ornaments made out of empty container lids and painted puzzle pieces. You can put a photo in the center and turn it into a cute wreath photo frame. Great as a holiday gift for the grandparents!

This is a fun Christmas craft idea to make with the kids. Or, if you are a school teacher, make these wreaths as an easy holiday craft project in your classroom. Just watch out with young kids and small puzzle pieces.

Red and green handmade puzzle piece wreaths decorated with small embellishments and ribbon bows and photo of cute kid inside. Text on image: DIY photo frame Christmas puzzle wreath with step by step tutorial.

Use up and recycle all those old and incomplete jigsaw puzzles!

Christmas Puzzle Wreath Craft Tips

Here are a few quick hints and tips to get started on making your own Christmas puzzle wreath:

  • If you don’t have an old puzzle to use, check out your local thrift store. They usually have a good selection of inexpensive puzzles in stock.

  • We are using round plastic lids as the base of the wreath. Get them from empty yogurt, cup-a-noodles, or butter containers. Make sure the lids are clean.

  • You can also use paper plates if you would want to make a larger puzzle piece wreath.

  • I like to use tacky glue since it works well with a variety of materials, is non-toxic, and dries transparent. However, you can use hot glue or any regular craft glue that you have on hand.

  • To keep the kids interested, we’re only doing one coat of paint on the puzzle pieces. A final coat is added after gluing the pieces into a wreath. Spread the puzzle pieces out on a newspaper or something to protect your work area, and apply a generous coat of paint.

  • I like to use acrylic craft paint, but if you are making these wreaths with young kids, it might be wise to use washable paints instead.

Feel free to make and decorate the final wreath however you like! Give your kids an assortment of creative embellishments like mini pom-poms, buttons, and sequins to decorate their wreaths with.

Important Safety Note: Don’t leave young ones unattended with the puzzle pieces or other small embellishments as they could be a choking hazard.

Ready to make your own puzzle piece photo wreath? Continue below for the complete instructions with step-by-step pictures! 

Three hanging red and green handmade puzzle piece Christmas wreaths. Two with photo of cute kid inside. Text on image: DIY puzzle piece photo wreath.
Step 6 of how to make a puzzle piece Christmas wreath: Cut photo to size and insert from the back.

How to Make a Christmas Puzzle Wreath

Yield: 1 Christmas Puzzle Wreath
Active Time: 20 minutes
Total Time: 20 minutes
Difficulty: Easy
Estimated Cost: Low

Now here's an easy Christmas kids craft idea: Recycle old puzzle pieces to make a Christmas photo frame wreath! Step-by-step instructions included!



  • Paint brush
  • Scissors
  • Needle


  1. Cut out a circle shape from the center of the lid to give it its wreath shape.

    Step 1 How to make a puzzle piece Christmas wreath: Cut circle from plastic lid.
  2. Paint the puzzle pieces. How many pieces you’ll need depends on how large your lid wreath is, and how many layers of puzzle pieces you add.

    I painted about 50 pieces for four layers on a 4.5-inch wreath. Let dry completely.

    Step 2 of how to make a puzzle piece Christmas wreath: Paint puzzle pieces.
  3. Start gluing the painted puzzle pieces to the lid. Continue working your way around.

    Let the first layer of puzzle pieces dry before moving on to the next layers.
    Step 3 of how to make a puzzle piece Christmas wreath: Glue on first layer of puzzle pieces.
  4. Glue on more puzzle pieces until the wreath is three to four layers deep.

    Wait for the glue to dry, then give the whole wreath another coat of paint.

    Step 4 of how to make a puzzle piece Christmas wreath: Glue on puzzle pieces to 3-4 layers, and give it a final coat of paint.
  5. Add a pretty ribbon bow on the bottom, and decorate the puzzle wreath with embellishments like mini pom-poms, beads, and small buttons.

    Step 5 of how to make a puzzle piece Christmas wreath: Add small decorations like mini pompoms, buttons and beads. Add a ribbon bow to the bottom.
  6. Skip this step if you are not adding a photo. If you are, trim down your photo to size.

    Glue around the edge to secure and place it inside the wreath. Simply position it from the back of the plastic lid.

    Step 6 of how to make a puzzle piece Christmas wreath: Cut photo to size and insert from the back.
  7. Use a craft needle to carefully pin a hole at the top of the lid. String a piece of bakers’ twine through to hang your handmade Christmas puzzle piece wreath!

    Step 7 of how to make a puzzle piece Christmas wreath: Add bakers twine string to hang.

Tip: Make one of these puzzle wreaths each year through preschool, kindergarten, and primary school, with the first day of school pictures.

Don’t forget to date them on the back! Perfect for gift giving or adding to your own holiday decor.

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Photos of handmade Christmas puzzle piece photo frame wreaths. Craft materials like paintbrush, bakers twine, stork scissors. Text on image: Puzzle piece Christmas ornament wreath with step by step tutorial.

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