How to make Pine Cone Elves for Christmas



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Every year, I try to incorporate a few handcrafted Christmas ornaments into our holiday décor. There is something so special about making your own decorations to be used year after year.

These cute Christmas pine cone elves are easy to make and require only a few items. Pour yourself a hot cup of tea, put on some holiday music, and let’s get started.

Three cute handmade pinecone elves. Text on image: A DIY Christmas Tutorial. Make your own pinecone elves.

Switch up their look by changing the color of the fur and the expressions on their faces. Make smaller or bigger elves by using different size pine cones and beads.

Ready to create your own Christmas pine cone elves? Continue below for the complete instructions with step-by-step pictures! 

Two cute handmade pine cone Christmas elves with red hats and pink fur hair.
How to make Christmas Pine cone Elves

How to make Christmas Pine cone Elves

Yield: pine cone elves
Active Time: 15 minutes
Total Time: 15 minutes
Difficulty: Easy
Estimated Cost: Low

How to make your own cute Pine Cone Elf Christmas decorations for this holiday season. It's easy to do and this step-by-step tutorial shows you exactly how to do it.


  1. Begin with the pine cone. You may either leave it as is or paint the tips of the pine cone white to create a snowy look.

  2. For the hat, cut a red felt triangle. The bottom section should be wide enough to wrap around the wooden bead and overlap slightly. Fold in half and close with a blanket stitch in contrasting white thread.
  3. Cut two little red felt mittens.

  4. Draw a face on the wood bead. You can sketch it out in pencil first, or if you are daring enough, go straight in with an ultra-fine Sharpie.
  5. Cut a strip of pink faux fur, about 0.5 inches wide. Make it long enough to go over the bead.

  6. Now on to the fun part of putting it all together. Start by carefully hot gluing the faux fur onto the wood bead right above the drawn face.

    Next, glue the hat on the edge of the fur and onto the back of the bead. Take your elf's head and hot glue it on the top of the pine cone. Finish by glueing the mittens to the side of the pine cone.

  7. If you are lucky to have a pine cone with a flat bottom, no worries. But most pine cones are not completely flat. You want your elf to stand up, not to fall down. Nobody wants to see fallen elves. A little bit of sticky tack mounting putty on the bottom will do wonders.

All done! Make one adorable pine cone elf, or make a whole bunch of them and have a Christmas elf holiday party!

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Cute handmade pinecone elves. Text on image: Pine cone Christmas elves DIY.

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