How to Make DIY Paper Reindeer – Christmas Candy Holders

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I’m so on point this year. Getting all prepared for the holiday season already! Crossing my list and getting all my Christmas crafts done early.

It gives me time to write out a tutorial for you, giving you still plenty enough time to make these cute paper reindeer yourself! In time for the holidays!

Super easy to make, great to do with the kids, and the best thing is, these paper reindeer double as party-favor candy holders! You can place a small surprise treat in between the antlers.

Image of two cute handmade reindeer. Text on image: Make these easy paper Christmas reindeer.

Because these reindeer are super easy to make, you can get the kids involved. My five-year-old made some very interesting multi-colored ones choosing from the card stock paper pack as he pleased. I helped him with some of the cutting of the pieces, but he was a gluing master.

The reindeer is basically made out of two paper cones and a few cut-out pieces as shown below. All you need is some card stock or construction paper, scissors, and craft glue.

Work in progress, placing paper reindeer head on body cone.

How to make a Paper Christmas Reindeer

Yield: 1
Active Time: 15 minutes
Total Time: 15 minutes
Difficulty: Easy
Estimated Cost: Low

Make your own paper reindeer. Super easy to make, this is a great Christmas craft to do with the kids, and the best thing is, these Paper Reindeer double as party-favor candy holders!



  • Scissors


  1. For the head draw a circle with a 4.5" diameter on the cardstock. About the size of a DVD. Make a straight cut to the center of the circle. Bring one cut end over to the other to form a cone shape and glue. If needed, you can use a clothespin to hold it in place while it dries.Work in progress, folding red paper cone to form the body of the reindeer.
  2. Cut two antlers, two ears, and a small round nose as the pattern shapes show.Cut paper reindeer pattern pieces
  3. Glue the antlers to the inside of the head cone, and glue the ears on the outside right next to them. Glue on the nose.
  4. Take your marker and draw the eyes on the head.
  5. The body cone is made from a 6-inch diameter circle. Again, make a cut into the center, fold round to shape, and glue.
  6. Fold down the top of the body cone, just the 0.5″ tip or so. Glue the head cone slightly slanted on top of the folded over the tip.Work in progress, placing paper reindeer head on body cone.
  7. Fill head cones with the treats.Paper reindeer from the back showing christmas treats inside head space.

These paper Christmas reindeer are a cute addition to your holiday decor. Choose colors to fit the rest of your decorations.

When filled with small treats, these are perfect to place next to the plates on the Christmas dinner table setting. Turn it into a holiday activity and let the kids help to make their own reindeer for the kids’ table.

If you enjoyed this project, you might also like to make the cute pinecone elves or painted Santa peg dolls for your holiday decorations. The step-by-step tutorials show you exactly how to make them.

Images of handmade paper reindeer. Text on image: Make your own paper Christmas reindeer tutorial.

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