Christmas Craft Idea: How to Make Cute DIY Marshmallow Snowmen

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Let’s make fun and easy Christmas marshmallow snowmen. These cute DIY marshmallow men feature red paper hats, charming faces and they can sit or stand any way you want. Perfect for your homemade holiday decor!

The red hats and nose make them look like snowmen dressed up as little Rudolph the reindeer elves.

NOTE: These are not toys and are not meant to be eaten. They will be stale and contain non-edible parts. These are for your holiday decoration only.

Cute homemade pastel marshmallow snowmen figures with pink hats, red noses and big bows. Text on image: Marshmallow Snowman, a cute DIY Christmas craft idea.

Marshmallow snowmen DIY tips

Now that we have the safety warnings out of the way, this is a craft, not a recipe, let’s start with a few helpful tips:

  • Leave your marshmallows out of the bag to harden for a day or two. It’s easier to craft with them when they are not so soft and squishy. (Great way to use up leftover stale marshmallows: Turn them into cute DIY snowmen!)

  • You can add your own embellishments, glue on more sequins, or even paint your marshmallows with food coloring or water color paint.

  • Carefully break the toothpicks with your fingers. This is easier and there will be fewer pieces flying around than if you would use scissors.

  • Create a homemade candy land for your finished marshmallow figures.

    Add grated coconut flake “snow”, mini marshmallow “snowballs”, candy cane “trees” and M&M’s or gumdrops just for fun! These marshmallow snowmen would look adorable in a miniature Christmas village under the tree.

If you are ready to make your own marshmallow men, read on for the full step-by-step tutorial with pictures below.

Photo collage of 6 images of homemade cute marshmallow snowmen posed in candy land settings. Text:
How to make marshmallow snowmen. Step 6: Glue on two red sequins to the belly.

How to Make DIY Marshmallow Snowmen

Yield: 1 Marshmallow Snowman
Active Time: 15 minutes
Total Time: 15 minutes
Difficulty: Easy
Estimated Cost: Low

How to make a snowman out of marshmallows? It’s easy!

Simply follow this step-by-step marshmallow snowman tutorial.



  • Scissors
  • Cotton Swab


  1. Gently stick a half toothpick into a regular marshmallow. Do not push all the way through.

    Place a second marshmallow on the other end of the toothpick.

    These two marshmallows will be the head and body of your marshmallow man.

    How to make marshmallow snowmen. Step 1: Make the head and body.
  2. Push toothpicks into the mini marshmallows to make the arms and legs. Again, do not go all the way through.

    Push the other end of toothpicks into the marshmallow body.

    How to make marshmallow snowmen. Step 2: Add mini marshmallows as arms and legs.
  3. To make the cone-shaped hat, draw a pattern on red paper. See the photo below for the shape.

    It's 3/8th of a circle with a 4-inch diameter (making the straight sides of the pattern shape 2 inches long). No need to be super precise with these measurements.

    Cut out and gently curve the two corners together, forming a pointy cone. Glue the straight edges together.

    How to make marshmallow snowmen. Step 3: Cut out red paper pattern to make the hat.
  4. Glue the hat in place on top of your snowman.

    Tip: If needed, you can cut a little piece from the top of the marshmallow head to make it easier to fit the hat on.

    How to make marshmallow snowmen. Step 4: Glue on the hat.
  5. Give your snowman a face.

    Stick a half toothpick through a red mini pom pom to make the nose. Stick the other half in the middle of the face.

    I purposely kept the end of the toothpick showing as a little dot in the middle of the nose. Simply don't push all the way through if you don't want the end to show.

    Use a black marker and draw two small dots as eyes.

    Take a cotton swab and blot on the blush cheeks.

    How to make marshmallow snowmen. Step 5: Add pompom nose, eyes and cheeks.
  6. Finally, glue on two red sequins as buttons on the belly.

    How to make marshmallow snowmen. Step 6: Glue on two red sequins to the belly.

One more time, in case you missed it, these are not meant to be eaten, so keep these decorations away from young children.

Group of cute homemade marshmallow men with pointy red an pink hats, red noses and cute faces. Displayed on red brick type paper background and lots of candies around. Text on image: Marshmallow Snowman DIY Christmas craft idea step-by-step.

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Photos of homemade marshmallow snowmen figures with pointy red and pink hats, red noses and big bows. Displayed on turquoise background, Text on image: A cute DIY Christmas craft idea: Marshmallow Snowman.

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